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Davis Spine and Sport Adjustment Table

chiropractic adjustments

A Chiropractic adjustment is a gentle, specific high-velocity low-amplitude thrust to a joint that is subluxated. A subluxation is a joint that is malpositioned, or a joint that is not moving as well as the surrounding joints. 

percussive therapy

Percussive therapy is a newer technique that helps to promote blood flow and decrease pain with a handheld instrument. This method works well to reduce muscle tension and pain by working deep into the muscles.

Percussion massage for female patient in therapy room of rehabilitation center closeup. Male masseur does deep tissue treatment for regenerating after sport injury. Alternative medicine equipment
Davis Spine and Sport Two Massage Tables

intersegmental traction

People who are regularly active or suffer from a back injury can use traction to strengthen and restore range of motion in the spine. Regular use of the intersegmental traction table has shown to significantly accelerate the recovery progress from a back injury.

Experience the many benefits of the intersegmental traction table at Davis Spine and Sport.


Electrotherapy is used on areas where you have muscle spasms, soreness or muscle injury. We perform this by placing electrodes on the area of concern. Dr. Davis uses electrotherapy because it helps your body release natural endorphins to experience immediate pain relief. 

Dr. Davis in Mask working on female patient's neck
Ice Pack on back of legs

heat ice therapy

The purpose of ice is to reduce the effects of inflammation and swelling.

Heat on the other hand is a great method for relaxing. It can help open up blood vessels, increasing blood flow to an affected area. This is perfect for most aches and pains, and generally good for repairing damaged tissue.

Talk with Dr. Davis today about the best options for you.

manual therapy

Chiropractic manual therapy is used to manipulate and massage the spine.  This will help to re-align or adjust any issues.  We focus on correcting structural misalignments in the body to alleviate discomfort. In chiropractic manual therapy, Dr. Davis will use manipulation to help with alignment and other issues.

Metal Sculpture of chiropractic care
Cupping Therapy on Women's Back at Davis Spine and Sport


Cupping is a Chinese medicine technique that helps to promote blood flow to an injured muscle, aiding in the recover process.


Physiotherapy is a process that involves evidence-based kinesiology, specific exercise, and corrective exercise to an injured area of the body. 

Shoulder treatment with kinesio tape
Osteopath performing sacral decompression osteopathy on a young woman manipulating her spine and lower back to realign and reposition the vertebrae

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Decompression & Massage


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