Headaches Interfering With Your Life?

Woman with coffee cup and headache

Being able to think clearly helps us not only with our decision-making but how we carry on with our daily lives.  That can quickly change with a strong headache.  Many people have occasional headaches, but frequent headaches that affect your sleep or everyday activities can be a serious problem.  Did you know that chiropractic care works on correcting the underlying cause of headaches? 


Common types of headaches are tension, migraine and cerviocogenic. 

Tension, also known as stress headache, is a mild to moderate pain and is described as feeling a tight band around the head.   

Migraine headaches usually throb in one particular area and vary in intensity.  They often are accompanied by nausea and sensitivity to light and sound. 

Cerviocogenic is referred to as a secondary headache, which means that it’s caused by a physical issue.  It’s a disorder of the cervical spine and its component bone, disc and/or soft tissue elements.  Symptoms usually occur on one side of the head or face. 


Chiropractors can assess, diagnose and manage headaches.  The severity and location of the headache will determine the treatment plan.  Massage therapy is a common technique that helps relieve tension in the muscles.  Electrotherapy involves electrical impulses sent through electrodes placed on the body.  This process helps relax muscles, prevent spasms, reduces pain and directly blocks pain signals to the brain.  Cervical traction is another method used for headache relief.  It’s a type of stretching where the chiropractor will use their hands or a harness to pull your head and neck away from the body.  For cerviocogenic headaches, spinal manipulation is a good option.  Joint mobilization or deep neck flexor exercises may also improve symptoms.   


The pain and draining effect caused by living with headaches doesn’t have to influence your life.  At Davis Spine and Sport in McKinney, TX, we’ll work with you to understand the cause of your headaches. We’ll find a chiropractic treatment plan that will help alleviate the pain.  Want to learn more?  Talk to Dr. Taylor Davis at Davis Spine and Sport to find the headache relief you’ve been seeking.  

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